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Airfort (Ibuki)

Created and Designed by KOKUYO in-house designer; Kazutaka Oki. AIRFORT is packed with innovative design with advanced functionality. The prominent aspect of the chair is the Air-controlled lumbar support and heat dispersing seat cushioning. These functions pave the way for a new era of comfort and style.


The AirGrace is an elegant and delightful task and meeting chair with adjustable air-lumbar support, seat height, back rest (free rocking or lock in) and arms. This chair comes with 6 seat colors, a black 5-stair base on Nylon castors, and a mesh back-rest.


Entry by name, Entry by nature – let us introduce you to the new entry level task offering from our Japanese partner Kokuyo. More than your average office chair, Entry fulfills the requirements to be considered ergonomic, while aiming to provide you with the distinct comforts that high end chairs bring at an attractive price.

Four Cast XL/XL Plus®

The Four®Cast XL/XL Plus has shown extreme durability through rigorous international tests which proves that this chair is great value for money. The unique design makes Four®Cast XL/XL Plus your evident choice for a number of purposes and functions.