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FourCast® 2 Evo

FourCast® 2 Evo is an elegant meeting chair with built-in comfort thanks to its unique V-shape, flexible back, and integrated tilt- and return mechanisms. Select from 4-star aluminium base or 5-star with castors and gas lift. A smart Scandinavian for the savy meeting room. FourCast® 2 Evo is available in 11 attractive powder coat colors, or option up with seat pad or full upholstery, and loop arm.

Dimensions: 48W x 51D x  84.5cmH Seat Height 44.5 to 46.5 (with upholstery)
With Loop arm: 58.5W x 51D x  84.5cmH Seat Height 44.5 to 46.5 (with upholstery)

FourCast® 2 One

FourCast® 2 One is a slim and elegant meeting chair with built-in comfort through its unique V-shape and flexible back, integrated tilt- mechanism, and optional return function. The four-legged swivel frame adds an overall lightness giving the meeting chair a sophisticated expression suitable to any meeting room. Optioned with castors FourCast® 2 One works just as well in collaborative workspaces and you can select from polyshell, seat pad or full upholstery to customise. Other options include loop arms.

Dimensions: 51.5W x 50D x 85.5cmH Seat Height 46 to 48cm (with upholstery)


four cast2 wheeler with seat padfourcast2 wheeler in office setting

FourCast® 2 Wheeler

FourCast® 2 Wheeler is a unique, height-adjustable chair on 5-star base with gas lift that is equally at home in commercial and educational spaces. It is perfectly designed to offer maximum comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the V-shaped ergonomic back, flexible glass fibre reinforced polyamide shell,  and gas lift.   FourCast® 2 Wheeler can be upgraded with seat and full upholstery, integrated tilt mechanism (free float), InnoTab®, drafting gas lift and foot ring, and grip hole, offering almost unlimited opportunity to create custom looks.

Dimensions: 65W x 65D x 78 to 96cm Seat height 41 to 57.5cm

FourCast® XL/XL Plus

The FourCast® XL and XL Plus have shown extreme durability through rigorous international tests. The unique design makes FourCast® XL or XL Plus an obvious choice for executive boardroom and meeting chairs. Its polished aluminium base is available in both 4-star with auto-return swivel, or 5 star base  on castors with gas lift. It is available with or without arms, with leather inset or without, and there is an option to powder coat with our range of premium mat powder coat colours. The difference in the XL and XL Plus is the back height.  Designed to complement the Four Mat table with a matching foot profile – this is a premium product for the discerning.


180L x 90W x 72.5cmH
200L x 100W x 72.5cmH
240L x 110W x 72.5cmH
300L x 125W x 72.5cmH

Options exist to build longer tables with modules

120diam x 72.5cmH


FourMe® 11

FourMe® 11 11 is the perfect armchair for dining and meeting facilities with its spacious, Scandinavian design. The visible wood fibers in the bio-composite shell provide a certain character, making every chair unique. Select wool upholstery for an even softer Nordic look. Designed to fit neatly under a standard 740mmH table. Choose from glides or castors for different functionality.

Dimensions 835mmH x 585mmW x 545mmD Seat height 455 to 475mm depending on upholstery

FourMe® 44

The elegant FourMe® 44 tub chair is designed to bring a warm, modern feel to the public space interior. Timeless and elegant, designed with the iconic ‘V’ shaping in the back which offers lumbar support, this chair is a stand out for comfort and functionality. The mat tactile surface of the bio shell is reinforced with excess fibres from European lumber production, its subtle texture making every chair unique.  Designed to tuck perfectly under a standard 740mm table is just one of the features that make it stand out from the rest.

Dimensions 819mmH x 585W x 548mmD SH 455 to 475mm depending on upholstery

fourme 66 chair on 5 star base with castorsfourme 66 chair on 5 star base with castors

FourMe® 66

Taking comfort and flexibility to the next level, FourMe® 66 is easy on the eye, and easy on comfort! Perfect for both meetings and educational establishments, this chair will win you over with its pleasant, wheely charm. This lovely chair beautifully embodies functionality, aesthetics, and support. Add an Inno®tab table for a small stroke of genius.

Dimensions 790 to 960mmH x 58mmW x 650mmD. Seat height 410 to 430 depending on upholstery

FourMe® 88

It’s all about the lines!
Like an elegant dance, perfectly choreographed, FourMe® complements any setting with organic, calm shapes. FourMe® 88 is designed to suit any meeting or dining table. It offers a high degree of comfort and the surface has a fantastic smooth touch due to the unique bio-composite shell. Shells can be left natural, or can be changed up with a seat pad, inner, or fully upholstered. Easy clean and designed to tuck under a 740mmH table.

Dimensions: 819mmH x 585mmW x 548mmD Seat height 455 to 475mm depending on upholstery

FourMe® 99

Outstanding comfort, and stunning Danish design make FourMe® 99 the perfect complement to the edgy, but stylish meeting or boardroom table. The ultra-soft-grip bioshell with visible wooden fibers, is a beautiful and extremely comfortable addition to the interior space. The ability to mix and match upholstery, powder coat, and shell options makes it highly customisable. Designed to sit comfortably under a table or desk.

Dimensions: 815mmH x 585mmW x 540mmD Seat height 450 to 470mm depending on upholstery

FourMe® Lounge

The elegant FourMe® Lounge armchair is designed to bring a warmer, more domestic feel to the public space interior. The soft grip surface of the shell chair consists of a bio-composite material enforced with wood fibers visible to the eyes and hands, making every chair unique and a very different tactile experience from other typical shell chairs. Offering you maximum comfort and organic, spacious design, this is a perfect choice in the lounge or lobby area.

Dimensions: 766mmH x 585mmW x 541mmD. Seat height 407mm,


foursure 11 meeting chairfoursure 11 meeting chairs

FourSure® 11

Perfect in meeting rooms.

Four® Sure 11 is a unique conference chair, designed to offer you the maximum comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the V-shaped back, the flexible shell and integrated tilt mechanism

foursure 99 meeting chair

FourSure® 99

Perfect in meeting rooms.

FourSure® 99 is a unique conference chair, designed to offer you maximum comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the V-shaped back, the flexible shell, and integrated tilt mechanism.

Harc Tub

Harc Tub chairs suite with the full Harc range. The two heights offer a lounge chair and a meeting chair scaled for working at a table. With the wrap around acoustic high backs, the chairs become secluded spaces, intimate and private places to concentrate, listen and focus attention on tasks. Three base options in wood, powder coated aluminium and a polished aluminium swivel, and a powder coated wire sled base offer choices for all environments.