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Fabricks are super acoustic bricks made from acoustic foam and fabric, designed to look fabulous, divide space, and reduce noise. Quickly configured and reconfigured, Fabricks offer the flexibility to change spaces in the modern open plan workplace by creating walls for meeting spaces and individual work areas; the dynamic of a space and even the location of power can be altered in moments. Offering the ultimate in flexibility select bricks in 300, 600 or 900mm long by 200 or 400mm high (or a combination in different colours) and design your own installation – typical Fabricks wall heights are 1600, 1800 and 200mm, but depending on brick combinations, other heights can be achieved.

Pricing – dependant on configuration – POA – talk to us today about your space.



Four® Learning

Perfect in educational establishments, conference rooms, and for office use.

Four®Learning is the perfect choice for a folding mobile table in a functional and aesthetic design. The table is easily folded by one person, and two integrated castors let you handle the table with ease.

Four® Mat

Classic, Unique, Exclusive

– Perfect in meeting rooms, conference centers and for office use.

Four® Mat is your evident choice for a conference table in a unique and aesthetic design and it’s delivered with a slimline polished aluminium frame.

FourCast® 2 Evo

FourCast® 2 Evo is an elegant meeting chair with built-in comfort thanks to its unique V-shape, flexible back and integrated tilt- and return mechanisms.

FourCast® 2 Evo is available in 11 attractive colors.

Four Likes


FourLikes® extensive range of modules can be configured and reconfigured to optimise spaces and activate underused areas. Although the modules are based on cubes, the ingenious styling creates the perception of curved and organic shapes. A combination of the 1100mm and 850mm high modules creates a sloping profile. FourLikes® also provides the ideal working seating height (450/460mm). The agile FourLikes® Scooter on castors, with an optional back, can be used as both lounge and conference seating. Modules range from 750 to 2100mm in length, with  3 variations of back height – 850mm, 11200mm, and sloping from 850 to 1120mm. Overall height for canopy (‘Meet’) is 1860mm.

FourReal® 74

The FourReal® family is a collection of clever space-saving tables designed for maximum versatility. Developed to provide agile and flexible solutions just perfect in education, workspace, breakout, and dining spaces.

Four®Real 74 is easily folded by one person, and its two integrated castors allow you to handle the table with ease.

FourUs® Booth

FourUs® Booth offers an alternative space to relax, meet and focus. The upholstered sides provide visual barriers with fantastic acoustic properties,  FourUs® Booth also serves as a multipurpose space designed to provide privacy and flexibility in the workspace.


FourUs® Booth 2 1100L x 1500W x 1250mmH

FourUs® Booth  2250L x 1500W x 1250mmH

FourUs® Booth Cave 2250L x 1500W x 1500mmH

FourUs® Wallpod Cave

FourUs® Wallpod Cave brings you the opportunity for exploiting every square metre.

Whether you need a comfy spot for a coffee break or a practical work facility, FourUs® Wallpod Cave is the perfect acoustic solution for a touchdown area. Here you can sit or stand undistracted. Wall mounted so wall will require suitable substrate strength or reinforcement.

Wallpod Ears  300mmH x 1500mmW x 500mmD
Wallpod Cave 460 to 469mmH x 1500mmW x 500mmD


fourus work booth with hinged tablefourus workbooth

FourUs® Work Booth

FourUs®Work Booth offers an alternative space to relax, meet and focus. The upholstered sides provide visual barriers with fantastic acoustic properties, making it perfect for a private little office in the heart of a lively work environment.

Dimensions: 2250L x 1500W x 1250mmH


FourUs® Worx

Designed by Anders Nørgaard, the Four®Us Worx work pod is designed to meet the need for a mobile, practical work desk whilst still maintaining a stylish look to blend in with any surroundings.

Dimensions 1027mmH x 1095mmW x 650mmD. Desk height 740mm

foursure 88 inno notefoursure 88 inno note

Inno Note®

Now you can easily adapt your canteen and meeting chairs for conference use, simply by attaching the Inno Note®  The Inno Note® PC tablet matches a 13” PC. sporting a subtle matt black surface and an integrated cup holder, it is foldable and easily detached from the chair without the use of tools. An optional trolley is available for stacking the Inno Note®

fourcast2 wheeler with innotab

Inno Tab®

Inno®Tab takes learning comfort to a whole new level. This PC tablet is designed for cooperative learning of the future. Adjust the patented, movable PC tablet for your individual use, listen to a lecture, or work in small groups. The moveable PC tablet allows you to fine-tune position, or store beside or behind the chair so it can still be pulled up to a table or desk.


Inno®Lounge is the ‘new black’ in lounge furnishing. Inno®Lounge is designed to offer you the maximum comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the V-shaped back, the flexible shell,  and integrated tilt mechanism.

InnoPod® Big

InnoPod® Big was developed in response to the physical and psychological challenges that we meet in modern work and study facilities. For Four Design the challenge was to create a room that reduces noise, creates tranquility, improves mobility, and reduces the activity in our natural center of fear (amygdala), enabling the ability to focus without distraction.


The RoominRoom (RinR) is designed to create visual barriers, enabling a space to be defined for meeting, dining, or collaboration. In a moment, you can create a room within a room, providing better acoustics, increased concentration, and privacy. The melamine screen can be upholstered with additional acoustic foam and fabric, or can be finished with a writeable surface – so many possibilities.

tambour door storage solutions


Every efficient workspace requires well-considered storage solutions. Fuse offers a broad range of metalcase storage options from mobile pedestals, mobile caddies, and tambour door cabinets, to filing cabinets. We can also supply a range of custom-made storage solutions in laminate and metal with finishes to meet your specifications.


Touch benches and connecting tables are simple practical units designed for the ultimate flexibility. Quality components, such as the slim high tensile powder-coated steel legs, emphasise the simplicity of the design. The bench and table units are free-standing to ensure total flexibility. Beautifully simple, the modular design means Touch looks good as a single bench, or as a large configuration to dramatically fill an atrium. The Touch coffee table and matching stools offer a stylish solution for informal breakout areas.

Bench 1220L x 460D x 450mmH

Connecting table 440 x 440 x 225mmH