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aelig timber chairaelig timber chair


Aelig is an elegant, beautifully crafted natural timber chair in oak or walnut. Part of the design ethos for this lovely chair was a desire to create high-quality eco-friendly furniture from sustainably sourced timbers.

Four Cast XL/XL Plus®

The Four®Cast XL/XL Plus has shown extreme durability through rigorous international tests. The unique design makes Four®Cast XL/XL Plus your evident choice for a executive boardroom and meeting chairs.

Four Me 44®

The elegant Four®Me 44 armchair is designed to bring in a warmer, more domestic feel to the public space interior.

Four Me 88®

It’s all about the lines!
Like an elegant dance, perfect choreographered, Four® Me complements any setting with the organic, calm shapes. Four® Me 88 is designed to suit any meeting or dining table. It offers high comfort and the surface has a fantastic smooth touch due to the bio-composite shell. Shells can be left natural, or can be changed up with a seat pad, inner, or fully upholstered. Easy clean and designed to tuck under a 720mmH table.

Four Me 99®

Four® Me 99 complements the edgy, but stylish meeting table. The ultra-soft-grip surface with visible wooden fibers is a beautiful and highly comfortable addition to the tangible space interior. Mix and match upholstery, powder coat and shell colours with or without upholstery

foursure 11 meeting chairfoursure 11 meeting chairs

Four Sure 11®

Perfect in meeting rooms.

Four® Sure 11 is a unique conference chair, designed to offer you the maximum comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the V-shaped back, the flexible shell and integrated tilt mechanism

Four Sure 66®

FourSure® 66 is an elegant and robust chair with castors or optional glides. The chair is extremely comfortable thanks to its unique V-shape flexible back, organic curves, and optional tilt mechanism in the seat.

When equipped with the inno®tab writing tablet, FourSure® 66 becomes the perfect collaborative working platform with space for phones, tablets, and files.


foursure 99 meeting chair

Four Sure 99®

Perfect in meeting rooms.

Four®Sure 99 is a unique conference chair, designed to offer you the maximum comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the V-shaped back, the flexible shell, and integrated tilt mechanism.

fourcast2 high counter bar stoolfourcast2 high counter bar stool

FourCast® 2 Counter/High

FourCast® 2 Counter/High is a casual, stackable chair/stool suitable for table heights at 90cm for counter, and 103 cm for bar. The unique design offers you maximum comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the flexible shell and ergonomic V shape. The chairs are available in 11 attractive polyshell colors and also in oak veneer.

FourCast® 2 Evo

FourCast® 2 Evo is an elegant meeting chair with built-in comfort thanks to its unique V-shape, flexible back and integrated tilt- and return mechanisms.

FourCast® 2 Evo is available in 11 attractive colors.

FourCast® 2 Four

Perfect in canteens, conference centres, educational establishments and for office use. The FourCast® 2 Four is a stackable unique chair designed to offer maximum comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the V-shaped back and flexible shell. The chair is available in 11 attractive poly shell colours and oak veneer.

fourcast2 line stacking polyshell chairfourcast2 line stacking polyshell chair

FourCast® 2 Line

Space Saving, Durable, Convenient

Perfect in conference centres and educational establishments.

The FourCast® 2 Line is a stackable unique chair designed to offer you maximum comfort and ergonomic support thanks to the V-shaped back and flexible shell.

FourCast® 2 One

FourCast® 2 One is a slim and elegant meeting chair with built-in comfort through its unique V-shape and flexible back, integrated tilt- mechanism and optional return function.

four cast2 wheeler with seat padfour cast2 wheeler with seat pad

FourCast® 2 Wheeler

FourCast® 2 Wheeler is a unique, adjustable chair, designed to offer maximum comfort and ergonomic support to any student at all hours thanks to the V-shaped back, the flexible shell,  and gas lift.   FourCast® 2 Wheeler can be upgraded with seat and full upholstery, integrated tilt mechanism, InnoTab®, drafting gas lift and foot ring, and grip hole.

Four Likes


FourLikes® extensive range of modules can be configured and reconfigured to optimise spaces and activate underused areas. Although the modules are based on cubes, the ingenious styling creates the perception of curved and organic shapes. A combination of the 1100mm and 850mm high modules creates a sloping profile. FourLikes® also provides the ideal working seating height (450/460mm). The agile FourLikes® Scooter on castors, with an optional back, can be used as both lounge and conference seating.

FourMe® 11

FourMe® 11 11 is the perfect armchair for dining and meeting facilities with its spacious, Scandinavian design. The visible wood fibers in the bio-composite shell provide a certain character, making every chair unique. Select wool upholstery for an even softer Nordic look. Designed to fit neatly under a standard 720mmH table.

fourme 66 chair on 5 star base with castorsfourme 66 chair on 5 star base with castors

FourMe® 66

Taking comfort and flexibility to the next level, FourMe® 66 is easy on the eye, and easy on comfort! Perfect for both meetings and educational establishments, this chair will win you over with its pleasant, wheely charm. This lovely chair beautifully embodies functionality, aesthetics, and support. Add an Inno®tab table for a small stroke of genius.

FourMe® Lounge

The elegant FourMe® Lounge armchair is designed to bring a warmer, more domestic feel to the public space interior. The soft grip surface of the shell chair consists of a bio-composite material enforced with wood fibres visible to the eyes and hands, making every chair unique and a very different tactile experience from other typical shell chairs. Offering you maximum comfort and organic, spacious design, this is a perfect choice in the lounge or lobby area.

foursure polyshell stacking chairfoursure polyshell stacking chair

FourSure® 44

Part of the more organic-shaped FourSure® range, FourSure® 44 is an extremely comfortable 4-leg stacking chair. It is available in 11 shell colours, with the option to powder coat frames to match, and available with or without arms, seat pad, inner,, or full upholstery. Ideal venue chair with option for trollies. 10-year warranty and ANSI/BIFMA certified for extreme use. Ideal robust, comfy chair for large or small spaces.

four sure 88 stacking polyshell chair


Classic and flexible design, the FourSure® 88 is an exciting addition to the Four Sure range. It is the perfect, robust, stacking chair – available in 11 different poly shell colors, and 9 powder coat frame colors (powder or chrome to suit).

FourSure® 88 is available with a range of options including upholstery, arms, and the inno®note removable and foldable tablet.

FourSure® 88 is a Four Design concept, a member of the FourSure® family, and designed by the award-winning designers Christina Strand & Niels Hvass.