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With bags of personality, Billo can match the vibe of a start-up, or create a collaborative space in a more traditional setting. Contrasting twinned stitching adds a crisp detail that can be enhanced by two-tone fabric options.

Chair 790mmH x 800mmW x 680mmD. Seat height 450mm
Sofa  790mmH x 1465mmW x 680mmD. Seat height 450mm


The Dishy chair and sofa offer a stylish solution to any corporate or hotel environment. The Dishy wood frame gives this acclaimed design a new classic twist. High or low-backed lounge chairs boast a selection of bases from the new wooden frame, to swivel or four-legged bases in chrome and powder coated steel. The generous seat and premium quality foam provide a high level of comfort. Dishy offers a round top, four-star base and two oval tables with either wood, chrome or white powder coated legs.

dolly chairDolly chair


Just like it’s name, Dolly conjures up images of childhood toys, cute and comforting and quite simply adorable. The round seat cushion can be upholstered in contrasting fabric offering multiple combinations to suit a wide variety of public and private spaces. Designed by internationally acclaimed Danish designer, Niels Gammelgaard.

Dimensions: 800mmH x 770mmW x 740mmD; 450mmSH

Four Likes


FourLikes® extensive range of modules can be configured and reconfigured to optimise spaces and activate underused areas. Although the modules are based on cubes, the ingenious styling creates the perception of curved and organic shapes. A combination of the 1100mm and 850mm high modules creates a sloping profile. FourLikes® also provides the ideal working seating height (450/460mm). The agile FourLikes® Scooter on castors, with an optional back, can be used as both lounge and conference seating. Modules range from 750 to 2100mm in length, with  3 variations of back height – 850mm, 11200mm, and sloping from 850 to 1120mm. Overall height for canopy (‘Meet’) is 1860mm.


FourUs® is everything from a classic sofa to an innovative modular Zoning system. It creates a place for you with the best conditions for interacting.
With FourUs® you get a room with better acoustic, aesthetic design, and diversity – you get a room with opportunities. The FourUs® family contains several modules and countless possibilities. It fulfills the need for a perfect meeting spot or a casual workspace it enables the ability to achieve concentration.  FourUs® brings harmony and versatility to any environment. Choose from 2 back heights, wrap around ‘Ears’ or sheltering ‘Cave’ canopy. Additional pieces include daybed (ottoman) in 2 lengths and footstool.


150L x 750D x 950 to 150cmH depending on configuration. Seat Height 430cm

FourUs 3 SeaterFourUs 3 Seater

FourUs® 3-Seater

Whether you seek the perfect spot for a coffee break or an informal meeting, the FourUs® 3-Seater meets all your needs. Comfort, strength, and durability plus good looks, FourUs® 3-Seater is part of the FourUs® family of sofas and booths, designed to sit well in the Four Design family of furniture to provide a cohesive look.

Dimensions: 2250mmL x 750mmD x up to 1250mmH, depending on model.

Standard in 5-leg frame, in 2 back heights, with or without ‘ears’, available on indent with skid frame.

FourUs® Booth

FourUs® Booth offers an alternative space to relax, meet and focus. The upholstered sides provide visual barriers with fantastic acoustic properties,  FourUs® Booth also serves as a multipurpose space designed to provide privacy and flexibility in the workspace.


FourUs® Booth 2 1100L x 1500W x 1250mmH

FourUs® Booth  2250L x 1500W x 1250mmH

FourUs® Booth Cave 2250L x 1500W x 1500mmH

FourUs Corner Unit

FourUs® Corner

In co-operation with award-winning designer Anders Nørgaard, Four Design created the visionary zoning concept FourUs®. With their minimalistic design inspired by Danish 50’s classics, the FourUs® sofas are modern and pleasing to the eye. They also considered your comfort and designed the sofa with an extra-supportive cushion to take great care of your back. Back height 1250mm Seat height 450mm.

Lulu’s Corner – 2200 x 2200 x 750mmD
Anna’s Corner  – 2200 x 2930 x 750mmD
Frankie’s Corner  – 2930 x 2220 x 750mmD



FourUs® Solo

FourUs® Solo is a classic sofa with acoustic features and enveloping design, and creates a touchdown workplace and quiet zone. FourUs® was created by award winning designer Anders Nørgaard. It is visionary, modern, and it provides a flexible and dynamic solution that invites you in. The clean Scandinavian design can be showcased in a wide variety of fabric combinations. Choose from the ‘ears’ or ‘cave’ configuration – either is perfect for social distancing. Its innovative modular zoning system solves the need for a comfortable work place or comfy relaxation spot for one person. It can also be optioned up with locking wheels for increased mobility.

Dimensions 1250mmH x 1100mmW x 750mmD SH 430mm


Inspired by a smile, Giggle is the perfect style statement for a modern hotel, reception, or breakout area. Compact footprint and undeniable comfort make this chair ideal for learning, collaborating, and just hanging out.

Chair 8600mmH x 590mmW x 480mmD Seat height 120mm
Table 750mmdiam x 365mmH


Harc was created to facilitate the basic need to listen and to provide a place to cut out or reduce surrounding noise. The design references back to 1950’s styling with characteristically sophisticated low and high back sofas, all designed on leg frames either in wood or aluminum. Super heavy-duty, now made in Brisbane under license, Harc is perfect wherever you need a robust good looking soft seating option. Designer Roger Webb Associates for Ocee Design, UK

Dimensions Low Back
Chair 836mmH x 895mmW x 816mmD SH450mm
2-Seater 836mmH x 1713mmW x 816mmD SH450mm
3-Seater 836mmH x 2363mmW x 816mmD SH450mm

Dimensions High Back
Chair 1208mmH x 1173mmW x 918mmD SH450mm
2-Seater 1208mmH x 1990mmW x 918mmD SH450mm
3-Seater 1208mmH x 2640mmW x 918mmD SH450mm

harc modular sofa left hand arm

Harc Modular

Matching the popular Harc sofa and armchairs, Harc Modular offers the additional flexibility of a low back corner sofa. The Harc range is at home in busy workplaces where furniture that encourages social interaction, intimate meeting places, privacy, and places of refuge are required.

The number of Harc options, as well as the wide selection of leg finishes and matching tables, allows designers to create a sense of harmony across different zones in a building.

Harc Tub

Harc Tub chairs suite with the full Harc range. The two heights offer a lounge chair and a meeting chair scaled for working at a table. With the wrap around acoustic high backs, the chairs become secluded spaces, intimate and private places to concentrate, listen and focus attention on tasks. Three base options in wood, powder coated aluminium and a polished aluminium swivel, and a powder coated wire sled base offer choices for all environments.

hello ottomanhello ottoman


Upholstered with top stitching detail, Hello is more than an ottoman, smart little thing can double as a coffee table or additional seating. So many spots where a Hello can make a world of difference. Break out, workspace, library, education, hospitality, so many places a Hello would be welcome!


diam410 xH430 mm

diam650 x H430 mm

diam900 x H380 mm


Henray is a sharp and stylish range of soft seating with high and low back units that offer comfort and privacy. Available in a wide range of benches, tables, curved modules, and booths that are ideal for meeting and public spaces. Extra heavy-duty, this robust and extensive collection of modules is perfect for public spaces, universities, or workspaces. Designer Henry Gurney for Ocee Design, UK. Seat height is standard at 440mm with seat depth at 700mm. low back modules are 770mmH and high back are 1340mmH and vary in width from 930mm to 2110mm. Create curves with the 45 or 90 degree modules – there are almost limitless possibilities. Now manufactured under license by Fuse in Brisbane, Australia.


hug contemporary wingback armchairhug contemporary wingback armchair


The iconic wing chair has been popular for good reason – it enfolds, it offers refuge – a calm space to curl up in, a sense of timelessness. This modern reinvention is Hug. Designed for commercial spaces, good looking, hard-wearing, and super comfy. Libraries, breakout, senior living – who doesn’t need a Hug?!


Chair 1030H x 730W x 910D; 410mmSH

Stool 410H x 600W x 400D; 410mmSH

martini timber framed armchair mid centtury stylemartini timber framed armchair mid centtury style


Sophisticated, relaxed comfort, perfect martini sipping elegance with edge, Martini is beautifully crafted from solid timber, a modern take on 50s style. This timeless design brings an architectural element to any interior space – workspace, breakout, resort – so many places a Martini deserves to be enjoyed!


Chair 740mmH x 680W  x 830D; 430mmSH

Sofa 740mmH x 1280W  x 830D; 430mmSH

mili armchair by neils gammelgaardmili armchair by neils gammelgaard


Relaxed comfort makes Mili a popular choice for a wide range of interiors. Mili, meaning ‘beautiful’ in Mandarin, exudes elegance, a lively blend of classic design with a modern twist. Designed by renowned Danish designer, Niels Gammelgaard, using GECA certified high-density foam and environmentally sourced timber

Dimensions: 800mmH (high back 1100mm) x 730mmW x 760mmD;

moose neils gammelgaard chairmoose neils gammelgaard chair


Moose – an iconic chair and sofa by internationally acclaimed Danish designer, Niels Gammelgaard, who strongly believes in making design comfortable. . .


Chair 870H x 780W x 770D; 430mmSH

Sofa 870mmH x 1400W x 770D; 430mmSH

renee upholstered timber framed lounge chairrenee upholstered armchairs


Classic Danish elegance and functionality see Renni stand out from the crowd. Crafted to a high standard from sustainably sourced timber, this beautiful chair delights with understated detail, comfort, and dynamic design, both as a conference /dining chair, and a lounge version with its lower seat height. Both seat heights come in both styles – simple back,  and wrap-around back offering that feeling of being wrapped and supported. Designed by Niels Gammelgaard.


Renni Conference W485 x D560 x H760 mm SH 460mm

Renni Lounge W720 x D670 x H760 SH400 mm