FourLikes™ extensive range of modules can be configured and reconfigured to optimise spaces and activate underused areas. Although the modules are based on cubes, the ingenious styling creates the perception of curved and organic shapes. A combination of the 1100mm and 850mm high modules creates a sloping profile. FourLikes™ also provides the ideal working seating height (450/460mm). The agile FourLikes™ Scooter on castors, with an optional back, can be used as both lounge and conference seating.

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Everything has been considered, from the ideal working seat height to the provision of acoustic and visual privacy. The FourLikes™ Meet and FourLikes™ Work offer private focusing or collaborating units, which can be integrated into larger arrangements of different seating options.

The FourLikes™ family is completed by the freestanding FourLikes™ Scooters, which can be chosen with or without backs and furnished with castors for easy movement.

FourLikes™ has been created together with award-winning designer Anders Nørgaard.


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