Black Lacquered Oak

Black is the new black and we are pleased to present the popular oak furniture in a black lacquered version.

The new black oak furniture gives the opportunity to create a timeless and exclusive décor where the furniture becomes contrasting elements in both bright and colourful rooms. The furniture compensates really well with all colours.

The already existing pieces of furniture launched in natural oak are now available in the beautiful black colour. Similarly, the FourReal table with oak base now also comes in a taller version which gives the opportunity to create a flexible workplace for all kinds of meetings.

The overall theme of the wood furniture is solid oak, Danish design and good craftsmanship. Producing solid wood is a challenge, but the result is not only beautiful but also incredibly strong.

The modern expression and the organic design language play really well with both our existing FourSure seats and the new wood veneer seats.

With our range of wooden furniture, you get a product that has not compromised on quality, functionality and aesthetics. The assemblies are not only beautiful and iconic – but also extremely functional and strong.

Four® Design wooden furniture is designed and produced in Denmark.

Find variations of the new furniture here:

Four® Stools

Four® Seating Benches

FourSure® 44

FourSure® 90 / 105

FourReal® 74


The black oak furniture are designed by Strand+Hvass

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