Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020

Encapsulating sustainability, Four® Design presents a fresh and neutral approach to collaborative, multi-purpose workspaces at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, taking place between 4th – 8th of February 2020. 

With nature and biophilia as the primary source of inspiration, Four Design will be underpinning their unique FDA design philosophy by displaying a stimulating workspace layout with a homely feel. The focus of the space will be on social connection, employee wellbeing and soft seating break out areas where you can recharge. It is all about optimising space and getting the very best out of the built environment. And, of course, the people who inhabit the space. Four Design will also be showcasing a wide range of new additions to their existing product families. All of which are human-centred with an awareness of the environment at the heart of their design.

EU Ecolabel
Last year the FourSure® Eco range chairs were the first chairs ever to receive the EU Ecolabel certification based on the evaluation of the product’s lifecycle. Recognising the need for more sensible and sustainable use of raw materials; this year, Four Design will launch more EU Ecolabel certified products from their range of FourCast®2 chairs and FourReal® tables.

Introducing two new shell colours
Carefully chosen to re-balance and complement existing shell colours from the Four Design palette, two new tertiary shell colours will be launched at the fair. The new colours have been created by Designer and Interior Architect, mDD Sharon Fisher. The colours are muted tertiary colours, which bring warmth and calm to the room.

When commenting on the ideas behind the new colours, Sharon Fisher says:

They bring such warmth to the room because they are intermediate. And that is the feeling I would like to convey. Warmth. The warmth and the earthiness of tertiary colours offer a return to nature and environmental conscience. Calm and time for reflection. They are so down to earth and bring quietude to the room. I think it is lovely that you can indulge in calm and not have to fight your surroundings. Surrounded by warmth, you feel safe”.

FourReal® A XL
FourReal® A XL is a smart, space-saving solution as its extended size and flexibility in seating allows it to have multi-functional purposes. Just like the FourReal® A, the XL version is suitable for break-out areas and casual dining facilities; as well as being the perfect fit for meetings and collaborative spaces. The larger tabletop size enables more room for laptops or even a more formal table setting. The new additional extension pack, available for the FourReal® A XL, takes the function to the next level by adding on more tables, creating an elongated arrangement to cater for more people. With the option of choosing the EU Ecolabel certified tabletop, the FourReal® A XL is part of the certified family group.

FourLikes Family additions
The multi-purpose, modular soft seating system, FourLikes®, designed by Designer and Architect, Anders Nørgaard, encourages full utilisation of a space. Introducing new FourLikes® elements, this modular system can now be configured and reconfigured to optimise spaces and activate underused areas to an even greater extent. The new FourLikes™ Scooter units, with a 45 and 90-degree angle, allow configurations to take on a multitude of forms and shapes. Another addition, FourLikes wall mounted bench is a space-saving solution offering the opportunity to optimise the built environment with partition corners.
Additionally, the one-to-one FourLikes® Meet 700 serves as a multi-functional space for chance encounters, meetings, head down focus or a place to pause for thought.

These space-saving, multi-purpose designs enable constant use; reducing the amount of redundant furniture, thereby enabling full utilisation of a space.

Let’s Furnish the World Better.

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