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Four Design’s New Colour Palette is Now Complete

We’re welcoming 4 great new colours to the Four Design poly shell range.

At the beginning of 2020, Four Design launched two earthy shell colours, Terracotta and Clay. Now they complete the palette with Pine and Moss.

These beautiful tertiary colours complement the existing shell colour palette, offering a sophisticated range that will sit well in todays’ interiors. Interior architect and designer, Sharon Fisher has created a beautiful palette with inspiration from the natural environment

“Whether it’s daylight, twilight or artificial light, these colours stand firm. They may increase in beauty as the light changes during the day, but they are worthy all day long.”– Sharon Fisher

The new intermediate colours blend beautifully and change according to their surroundings and lighting. Creating these new tones, Sharon Fisher had longevity and sustainability in mind. The colours may be muted, but are timeless, bringing calm and sophistication to the environment, and offering designers and clients endless possibilities. . .

The new colour palette looking mighty fine . . colour matched mat powder coat available for black, white, anthracite, orange, aqua, beach and olive at this stage. The four new colours look good on white, black, warm grey or beach frames.

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