What’s Goin’ on with Colour for 2022?!

Four Design are on the ball with their new polyshell colours Pine and Moss released this year

We’re waiting with bated breath for the Pantone  Colour of the Year to be announced – traditionally this is on the 1st of December.

But about this time of year, major paint brands put out their idea of what colours will be most popular for the next year.  Often these are widely diverse, however, this year, it seems they all got the same memo – we’re in the mood for leaf-inspired muted green-grey from sea-glass to succulents –  it seems we need the soothing blend of warm and cool, nature-inspired colours to colour our cocoons!

It’s the first time there has been such a similarity in predictions. The main theory is that the pandemic created similar conditions worldwide – lockdown, working from home, eating outside, exercising outdoors, all in an overarching environment of uncertainty, fear, loss – not just of liberties, and in many cases income,  but loss of life. Global, national, local, and personal mental health are very much on everyone’s minds.

Covid affected us in different ways – some of us retreated to soothing neutrals, others needed bright, happy colours. As the experts predict the colour trends for next year, there are some common themes. And green has emerged as a strong trend! Online searches for green paint colours have more than doubled since 2020.

The consensus is that warm, soft, calming neutrals and inspiring brights will be popular next year driven by our need for authentic connection.

Dulux has released 3 colour palettes for 2022. Flourish -sensual hues, warm neutrals and a pop of vintage gold, Restore – calming earthy colours with – you guessed it – greens, Wonder – this is the ‘playful’ palette with, wait for it, more greens and blue-greens – Celery Green, Equatorial Forest, Harmonious, Edvard.

The process for selecting the ‘Colors of the Year’ is thorough. Most brands spend a full calendar year, or more, studying lifestyle trends, analysing search engine data and attending trade shows before narrowing it down. There’s also a certain amount of calculated intuiting and guesswork. These “it” colours mirror our political climate, economic state, social behaviours and general collective mood, connecting colour trends with what’s happening in the wider world.

Unsurprisingly, after two challenging years, the messaging for 2022 is focused on wellness and regrowth.

We’re intrigued by these predictions, but our advice is to always, always select colours based on the space, not on fashion. However, what these predictions encourage is a broader selection of colours, new or tweaked tints and hues providing more opportunity to find that perfect shade.

And, in the meantime, we look forward to Pantone’s big ‘THE’ Colour of the Year 2022 announcement with anticipation. We’ll keep you posted!

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